The Hero's* Journey ... for Writers, Artists & Performers

by Philip Ruddy, MA, MFTI

As a writer, artist, comedian or performer, you are probably familiar with Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey model.  But do you realize that YOU TOO are on this great, mythic journey?  Click below to learn more . . . 

Philip Ruddy, MA, MFTI is a Los Angeles-based depth psychotherapist and registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #89594, working in private practice under the supervision of Jennifer Bergman, LMFT #44775. He loves helping writers, comics, actors, artists and other film/TV professionals explore and transcend anxiety, depression, creative blocks, midlife transitions and relationship issues.  Why wait any longer? Call  (424) 354-3910 today for a free 15-minute consultation, and take the first step in your new creative journey. 

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