Are you a Los Angeles-based writer, artist, comedian, musician, actor or film / television professional?  Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, creative blocks or relationship challenges?  Are there times you wonder whether you should simply quit the business?  Switch to your personal "Plan B?"  Or is it possible that you simply haven't found the breakthrough you've been seeking?  Give me a call.  I have dedicated my private practice to helping people in the industry like yourself, and I would love the opportunity to help you, too.  

The philosophy behind my practice is to Actively Imagine.  Not just daydream, or fantasize about what could be. But to engage the process actively.  To create a genuine inner dialogue with our own personal shadow or critic.  Ask the hard questions.  And learn to truly listen to the answers.  To develop the courage and ability to hear the wisdom coming from our psyche — our core guiding spirit. 

As a depth therapist with a 15-year background as a writer and producer,  I understand both the glamorous appeal and the shadow side of living in Los Angeles, and know that integrating the two can be a challenge. That is why  I specialize in helping artists navigate through the many stressors unique to this industry.  I also work with couples and families who have been equally affected by the roller-coaster ride that is the creative journey.   

My approach combines talk therapy with an exploration of my client's  dreams, stories, personal myths, and presiding archetypes — in a safe, nonjudgmental setting where warmth, humor and frank, open conversation is encouraged.

Here's a recent print interview I did with Creative Screenwriting magazine that explains a bit more about my approach, and some techniques you can begin using right away to help reduce creative blocks. 

A successful therapeutic relationship is all about finding the right fit. With caring, expert support, I firmly believe that you can achieve deeper insights into past and present experiences, unlock your innate creative potential and actively invite greater joy and fulfillment into your life, relationships and career.

Call me today at (424) 354-3910 for a free 15 minute phone consultation or email me at  I  invite you to Actively Imagine new Insights, personal Growth, and Flow in your creative journey, and look forward to speaking with you!

Philip Ruddy is a depth psychotherapist and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #89594 in private practice, under the supervision of Jennifer Bergman, LMFT #44775.